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Munchkin 5: DeRanged (colour)

Munchkin 5: DeRanged (colour)

Steve Jackson Games

  • £14.99

Ride That Monster! Introducing a new class . . . the Ranger! Now you can tame monsters and turn them into Steeds! But this set has more than a new and overpowered character class . . . * Treasure! Track down the Philosopher's Scone, put Racing Stripes on your Steed, and fill your Canteen of Spleen with Carbonated Holy Water! * Monsters! Beware the Telemarketer, the Poultrygeist, and the Undead Clowns. * Levels! Make the GM laugh! Make him snort soda out his nose. Or 'Kill the Conversation' for a level! It's time you were De-Ranged. All the munchkin-ism of a prestige class, with none of that annoying roleplaying stuff! This is an expansions for Munchkin. It is not a stand-alone game. Designed by Steve Jackson. Illustrated by John Kovalic. 112 Cards, Rules

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