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Memoir '44 Winter Wars

Memoir '44 Winter Wars

Days of Wonder

  • £29.99

Packing a big punch, this expansion also manages to sneak in 114 new cards, giving a soldier all he might need to fight through some of the bitterest, coldest Christmas battles of the entire war.

An original copy of the Memoir '44 game is required to play the Standard scenarios included. A copy of the Winter/Desert board is also recommended. A copy of the Eastern Front and Breakthrough Kit are also required to play all included Breakthrough scenarios.

Contains: A 32 page booklet, introducing new Winter rules and containing 10 new scenarios (6 Standard, 4 Breakthrough) covering the entire Battle of the Bulge 14 Summary cards introducing new Tank Destroyer & Heavy Anti-Tank Guns, Late War versions of Machine Guns, Mortars and Bazookas, etc... A deck of 80 Command cards, specifically redesigned for Breakthrough play

A deck of 20 Winter Combat cards 88 double-sided Winter tiles, 28 Special Unit badges, 20 round markers and 16 obstacles 2 Players Age 8+ 45-90 minutes

As would befit your ration pack if you were about to embark on one of the coldest and most bitter fights of the war, after 5 long years of weary battles, we have packed this expansion with every thing you could ever need to combat in a snow-covered environment.

But judge for yourself, soldier! Inside this pack you will find:

88 double-sided Winter tiles, 28 Special Unit badges, 20 round markers and 16 obstacles 20 Winter Combat cards, similar in concept to the Urban Combat cards introduced in Battle Map Volume 3 - Sword of Stalingrad 80 new Command cards, designed specifically for Breakthrough battles New Winter Combat rules New Troops, including the all new Tank Destroyer and Heavy Anti-Tank Gun units and Late War model versions of an Anti-Tank Gun, Mortar and Machine Gun These will all be critical to fighting (and winning!) the ten scenarios this expansion contains, all focused on those crucial 2 weeks of Christmas 1944 in the Ardennes. The first six scenarios included are all standard scenarios, playable with a single base game and this expansion alone (though a Winter/Desert board will add a nice cosmetic touch to your battlefield). The four scenarios that follow are gigantic Breakthrough renditions of the Battle of the Bulge. These will require a single copy of the already released Eastern Front expansion, and the Breakthrough kit of board maps, in addition to the aforementionned expansion.

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