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Magical Fury Apocrypha

Magical Fury Apocrypha

Yaruki Zero Games

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"I am Umbra, the princess of Shadow. It doesn't matter who I was before I awakened. You may not like my methods, but I do what I do in order to save this world. Astraia doesn't seem to remember what happened in our past lives. She doesn't remember her betrayal. Maybe she didn't want to remember something so shameful. Maybe I can use her after all, but I have to be sure."

Magical Fury Apocrypha is a print compilation of the previously PDF-only supplements for Magical Fury, the Magical Fury Companion and Magical Fury Appendix. In these pages you'll find optional new moves, the dangerous Overdrive rules option, more random tables to develop characters, information about tsukaima and youma, example locations, sample magical girls, and a table of potential secrets about the world.

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