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Maelstrom: Rome + complimentary PDF

Maelstrom: Rome + complimentary PDF

Arion Games

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The year is 50AD and the Roman Empire stretches from Parthia to the Atlantic Ocean, from Britannia to Africa. But politics threaten
to tear Roman society apart and weird and supernatural events are common and frightening.

You, a normal Roman citizen of ordinary background, must gather other like-minded associates under the patronage of a significant
Senator and investigate these events.

This RPG is based upon the classic Maelstrom RPG from 1984, innovative for its time and still regarded as a cult classic.


This new game features:

# A full lifepath character creation system

# Easy to learn game rules

# A probability-based Magick system

# Rules for Cursing

# Standard people and supernatural creatures

# Setting information

# and much more.

So grab your Gladius and Scutum, take a deep breath and face the darkness that threatens Rome…

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