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Maelstrom: Beggars Companion

Maelstrom: Beggars Companion

Arion Games

  • £9.99

The Maelstrom RPG, published in 1984 was a small but popular game, released partly on the success of the Fighting Fantasy books, also from Puffin. Despite being in print for only a short time, the game has developed something of a cult following.

In 2007, Arion Games acquired the license to re-release the original book as a pdf. However, the twenty-four years of game design since the original release have produced many new thoughts and theories, and Arion Games wanted to bring the game into the 21st century. Many modern games provide an incredibly detailed view of professions and careers, massively expanding the options available to players and referees alike. The Beggars Companion does that for Maelstrom lowliest of rogues.

The 126-page book features a plethora of new alternate livings for both beggars and tricksters, details of beggars in Tudor society, Beggars Cant, life on the street, a sampling of beggars, new herbs and a full length adventure 'The Long Road'.

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