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LexOccultum RPG: Lex Libris Games Master's Guide

LexOccultum RPG: Lex Libris Games Master's Guide


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Europe, the 18th century. The church is losing its grip on men struggling with old beliefs and dogmas. Alchemists, occultists, and secret societies dig deep into old mysteries and ancient obscurities. The Enlightenment is not only about breaking free from old institutions and structures, but also about discovering what has been hidden for hundreds of years, even millennia. The Illuminati, the Freemasons, the old Templars, and other secret societies hide in dark chambers, plotting for a new world order, or seeking to uncover the mysteries of dark arts and ancient wisdoms.

The nobles and aristocrats are a dying breed, living in decadence and excess, while the common people suffer in poverty. This is an era of enlightenment, but also of ignorance. Few know anything about the growing darkness; the vampires and other offspring of the devil. While conspiracies grow below the surface, kings and priests preach about submission and obedience. But who is to save men from this twilight of the gods, from falling into the darkness and being consumed by evil? Is it true that the apocalypse is coming?

LexOccultum takes place in a fictive historical 18th century, where the occult and supernatural are real, but not yet in full bloom.



Lex Libris contains the core rules for the Game Master to run the game, including the following chapters:


Introduction * Combat * Health and Fear * Impressions

Life in the Wild * The World * Sub Rosa * The Secret Arts



Load your flintlocks, light your lanterns, and step into the crypt: this is LexOccultum! Awarded ”Game of the Year” in Sweden under its previous name Götterdämmerung, the roleplaying game of occultism, mysteries, and secret societies in an 18th century setting is here!


This is the twilight of the gods.

Welcome to LexOccultum.

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