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D-Day Dice 2nd Edition: Legends Expansion

D-Day Dice 2nd Edition: Legends Expansion

Word Forge

  • £9.99

10 Legendary Units (and their special equipment) that you can play in place of the Nations included in D-Day Dice.

This deck of 70 Cards (10 Poker and 60 Small) includes 10 Legendary Units (and their unique items and specialists).

These units can be used instead of the standard Units in any of the expansions of the core game.

Legendary Units include:

  • Royal 22e Regiment
  • Polish 1st Armoured Division
  • Royal Warwickshire Regiment
  • 92nd Infantry Division (Buffalo Soldiers)
  • 9e Compagnie du R_giment du Tchad (La Nueve)
  • Brazilian Expeditionary Force (FEB)
  • French Foreign Legion
  • 45th Infantry Division (Thunderbird)
  • 1st Belgian Infantry Brigade (Brigade Piron)
  • No.10 (Inter-Allied) Commando

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