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Key to the City - London

Key to the City - London

R&D Games

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For 2-6 Players, Ages 14+, Playing time around 2 hours.

London in the 20th century. The city is growing, the boroughs are changing, and landmarks line the road. Who will cleverly work his way through the eras, connect his boroughs and sail along the Thames confident in victory?

The game proceeds over four eras. Each player builds up his own borough by acquiring location tiles, placing and connecting them. On each turn, five possible actions are available: You can use your figures – the so-called Keyples – to bid for one of the laid-out tiles in order to integrate itinto your borough; you can use the function of a tile, upgrade a tile, pass, or set off in your sailing barge.

To bid for a location tile, you can use any number of Keyples. Only the player with the majority of Keyples obtains the tile. For using the function of a location tile, you place one or more Keyples on it. This way, you can acquire wooden connectors or skill tiles. The connectors need to be built immediately, whereas the skill tiles are collected behind your screen.

You can upgrade a location by meeting the condition indicated. Upgraded tiles give you better functions during the game and score more victory points in the end.

Key to the City – London maintains the essential mechanisms of Keyflower, but it is a bit shorter and more straightforward and adds new elements to the game principle of its award-winning predecessor.

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