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Hive (2015 edition)

Hive (2015 edition)

Gen42 Games

  • £21.99

Strategy Game; 2 Players; Ages 8+

Hive is a brilliant game of strategy for two played with highly tactile resin tiles. The aim of the game is to be the first player to surround your opponent's Queen Bee using a team of assorted creatures of both your own and your opponent's colour. Because each creature has its own way of moving about the Hive, the game is sometimes called 'nature's chess', yet simpler rules, no need for a board and an added dimension make it a far more flexible and accessible game that can be played anywhere. Simply great fun! What's included? A Hive set contains 22 chunky resin tiles (measuring 43 mm from tip to tip), an illustrated rules leaflet, a quick reference card and a travel bag.

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