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HeroQuest: The Frozen Horror Expansion

HeroQuest: The Frozen Horror Expansion

Hasbro UK

  • £31.66

Revisit and delve deeper into HeroQuest!

In the HeroQuest: The Frozen Horror expansion, players must destroy the evil Frozen Horror, a ferocious creature that threatens the icy realm of the Northlands. The powerful Barbarian must survive a series of dangerous solo quests, with success bringing other heroes to join him.

Immerse yourself in the fantasy setting with stunning artwork, 21 highly-detailed miniatures, full-colour tiles, and 10 brand-new quests not available in the base game. This expansion has limitless replayability, giving players the opportunity to forge their own epic quests and stories.

Gather friends together for exciting gameplay and triumph over terrifying foes!

HeroQuest: The Frozen Horror Expansion

• A Quest Book featuring 10 Quests
• 21 finely detailed miniatures
• 2 Dungeon Doors
• 35 Game Cards
• 3 Cardboard Tile Sheets
• 6 Combat Dice
• 2 Movement Dice
• Pad of Character Sheets

Requires the HeroQuest Game System to play (sold separately).

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