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Goose Green (Ziplocked)

Goose Green (Ziplocked)

Multi-Man Publishing

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"Goose Green" is a Tactical Combat Series (TCS) board-wargame covering the first land battle of the Falklands War on May 28, 1982. The outcome of this engagement was crucial for both the Argentinians and the British: The Argentinians needed to prove themselves against the professional British war machine, while the British needed a land victory to satisfy the government and the public after recently suffering naval losses. Originally intended as a raid, the clash became a full 14-hour battle resulting in a hard-fought British victory.

Goose Green covers this entire battle in turns representing 20-30 minutes each, and a map scale of 125 yards per hex. Units range from sections to platoons. Both sides fielded what was roughly a reinforced Battalion, making for a battle that made for a quick playing game with great replay value. With just a minimum of special rules, this game brings the TCS to the 1980s, where in a classic infantry confrontation, not a lot has changed since WWII.

The British player must orchestrate a fast-paced attack crossing the entire map, removing all points of Argentinian resistance, and capturing Goose Green with a minimum of losses. He must make good use of few supporting arms available (half a battery of artillery, MILAN ATGMs and light mortar and MG support) to overcome dug-in Argentinian forces that outnumber the British by 2:1.

The Argentinian player has solid troops with reasonable artillery and air support but must create a defence in depth against a better lead British force accustomed to a higher operational tempo and greater firepower. Every turn requires important decisions of when to hold the line, when to withdraw, and where to commit the few remaining reserves to delay and possibly stop the British attack.

The Argentinians do not have the motivation and training level of the British but are dug-in with the benefit of minefields, trenches, numerous heavy weapons, and AA guns to assist the defence.


The Battle of Goose Green (historical deployment, 39 turns)
Burntside House and Low Pass (5 turns)
Darwin Hill (15 turns)
The Airfield and the Schoolhouse (14 turns)
Bloody Goose Green (full battle with better Argentine deployment, 40 turns)

TCS rulebook (version 4.01)
Goose Green game-specific rulebook
2 x TCS Charts & Tables
One Full Colour Game Map (22"x34")
140 Counters
Zip Lock Bag

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