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Godlike: The Courtyard of Hell

Godlike: The Courtyard of Hell

Arc Dream

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"It wasn't hell. It was the courtyard of hell. It was a maelstrom of noise and hot, splitting steel... the rattling of machine guns never stops... wounded men refuse to leave, and the men don't want to be relieved after seven days and seven nights... the battlefield is still an appalling thing to see, in its mud, ruin, dead, and its blight and desolation."

--Matthew Halton, War Correspondent
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

The Courtyard of Hell is an adventure campaign for GODLIKE: Superhero Roleplaying in a World on Fire, the critically acclaimed game of deadly action and superheroic courage in World War 2.

It's late December, 1943, just after the bloody crossing of the Moro River. The players' superpowered Talents accompany the soldiers of the 2nd Brigade, the Loyal Edmonton Regiment, the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada, and Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, as they attempt to wrest the town of Ortona from a regiment of elite German paratroopers. It's a battle so ferocious that Churchill will call it "Little Stalingrad." It's a battle that the survivors will never forget.

The Courtyard of Hell includes:

  • Guidelines for character creation and seven pregenerated characters, ready to play.
  • Tips for presenting large-scale combat scenes.
  • New Canadian and German weapons and vehicles.
  • One Roll Cityfight rules for detailed encounters.
  • Enough adventures for months of thrilling gaming.
  • The Courtyard of Hell is written by Allan Goodall, author of the Godlike campaign Black Devils Brigade and the Wild Talents setting book This Favored Land.

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