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Garden Heist

Garden Heist


  • £25.00

For 2-4 players, ages 6+, playing time is around 15-20 minutes.

The cheeky raccoons have a plan: search the trash and steal one or two delicacies along the way! But for that they have to cross the garden first and not get caught on the way to the trash paradise. Hide well, eat a few fruits on the way and get to the trash can as fast as possible!

Who is the fastest raccoon and does not get caught? Or can someone catch the raccoons red-handed instead? The cheeky raccoons scurry through the garden. Their goal: the trash can at the house. The little rascals hope to find some delicacies in there. But it’s not that easy: the gardener in the house has noticed the mess in the garden and is now watching it closely! One person plays the gardener, who watches the garden and the trash can. The others try as raccoons in several rounds to reach the trash cans undetected or to steal enough fruits from the garden on the way there! The gardener collects points by discovering raccoons behind the right hiding place. If 5 tiles have been collected or the trash cans have been reached, the roles change and someone else plays the gardener.

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