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Frosthaven Folded Space Map Tile Archive

Folded Space

  • £19.99

Officially licensed accessory compatible with Frosthaven® map tiles. 

Map Archive tile folder compatible with Frosthaven®, made to compliment the Frosthaven Folded Space Insert. The folder is an accordion type, with labelled pockets sized to fit the map tiles grouped by tile number. Frosthaven Map Archive will keep all your tiles organised and greatly speed up your setup time when preparing for a new scenario.

The folder is supplied ready assembled, and is produced from quality printed card. The materials used were deliberately chosen to allow the folder to be recyclable. 

Each of the map tile slots in the folder have labelled tabs so you always know where to go for each map tile type. The accordion style allows the folder to be opened wide to give easy access. 

The folder makes setting up each game scenario super quick, with each map tile ready to be deployed to the table.

Frosthaven Map Archive is designed to fit neatly on top of the Frosthaven game box inside a single standard Ikea Kallax shelf slot. This way you can have your folder at hand when you need to get the game to the table.

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