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Frenzi - The Crazy Flipping Game

Frenzi - The Crazy Flipping Game

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Age 6 to adult. 2-4 players or teams.

Frenzi is the craziest, fastest, flipping card game you'll ever play. Simple rules, quick to play, very exciting and totally addictive for both adults and kids.

Each player gets a base card with 3 unique characteristics (colour, number and shape).
All 64 Frenzi cards are laid out in the middle and then everyone races together at high speed, flipping cards over so they match a characteristic of their base card.
Frenzi cards are double sided, with different characteristics on the front from the back, so keep your eyes peeled as cards are constantly getting flipped back over by other players, looking for a match.
After 30 seconds the flipping stops, players pick up the cards that match their base card characteristic and count them to score.
Play takes place over nine 30 second Frenzi rounds, each with a different objective (e.g. match colour, match shape or no match) and a game takes just 30 minutes.
It's a lively party game that tests your observation, speed and reactions, and gets everyone out of their seats!

4 colours, 4 numbers, 4 shapes and 1 fast-fingered, frenzied, frantic, flipping fun game!

Contents: 64 Frenzi Cards, 4 Base Cards, sand timer, rules.

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