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Formula D

Formula D


  • £47.99

Board Game; 2-10 Players; Ages 12+

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves for the most exciting news of the year! Formula D will be available in the US by the beginning of November! Formula D is a new updated version of the 90's best seller 'Formule De', a fabulous game which sold more than 100,000 copies all over the world during a 15 year span! This new version will be released simultaneously in French, German, Spanish, English, Dutch and Italian.
Fans of the original will be in familiar territory, as the new version is based on the former mechanics of 'Formule De' and will also be playable with the original racing boards. Gamers who are not familiar with the original version will discover that the content of this newer version creates a thrilling Formula One experience.

Formula D has been completely re-designed, the graphic contents have been updated and modernized and each element has been thoughtfully revitalized to generate a more realistic gaming sensation. Players now enjoy beautifully painted cars, super-realistic gear levers, and many more hidden surprises!

Two different rule books are included: a short, simple version for beginners who want to jump directly into the game without blowing a fuse, and a more advanced version for hardcore gamers who enjoy exploring the entangled mechanisms within their brains!

Reach new levels as you step up to the podium.

It's still not over! A second board allows you to feel the speed and excitement of street racing. Get ready to enjoy a wild ride on the big city streets!

Two race boards are included: the legendary Monaco circuit and a street racing track too! Formula D invites you to enjoy two exhilarating experiences in a single box!

Play your cards - or rather your dice - right and you could become the new Schumacher!

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