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Fields of Fire 2nd Edition Update Kit

Fields of Fire 2nd Edition Update Kit


  • £29.99
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For our customers who own the 1st Edition of Fields of Fire and want to upgrade to 2nd Edition components instead of owning the new 2nd Edition, we're providing an Update Kit. This kit includes:
  • Rules Booklet (64 pages)
  • Briefing Booklet #1 (36 pages)
  • Briefing Booklet #2 (44 pages)
  • 1 half sheet of counters 
  • 7 Player Aid Cards
This Update Kit will allow you to play with your 1st Edition cards and counters and enjoy the many enhancements to this new edition of Ben Hull's gem of a tactical wargame. 
Note: There are a few cards in the 2nd Edition with very minor edits from the original game. Due to the difficulty in trying to color-match new cards with a version printed eight years ago, we will not be including those in the update kit. Functionally, your 1st Edition cards will work just fine. For anyone who would like to get entire new Card Sets, we are printing a few hundred extra sets of decks that we'll have for sale as spares when we release the game.

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