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Federation & Empire: Tactical Operations 2021

Federation & Empire: Tactical Operations 2021

Amarillo Design Bureau

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To Heck with Logistics! Tactics for the Win!

Tactical Operations has more ships and rules for Federation & Empire with all the crunchiness that you’ve come to expect. There are X-maulers for when you absolutely, positively need to destroy something. Need leaders? Now you have war cruiser leaders and war destroyer leaders! Being raided? Block them with the new light gunboat tenders. Stellar fortresses will protect those vulnerable areas. There are more shipyard functions to provide efficient ways to manage your construction schedule. And there are flexible command points to aid admirals.

It wouldn’t be an F&E module without scenarios. The War that Almost Was explores a “what if” conflict between the Gorns and the Federation after a brash young captain first encountered the Gorns. Eye of the Storm explores what would have happened if everyone (and we mean everyone!) ganged up on a rich Federation. Firestorm is an alternative history scenario for five players, which assumes the Hydran Expedition got through to the Federation. You know you always wanted to invade the WYN Cluster, and Into the Whirlpool lets you do exactly that. There are also alternative starts to the General War.

Tactical Operations includes the rulebook, three copies of Countersheet Tango, and one copy of Countersheet Oscar.

You will need the Federation & Empire 2010 Rulebook and various countersheets to use this expansion.

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