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Federation & Empire: Planetary Operations 2021

Federation & Empire: Planetary Operations 2021

Amarillo Design Bureau

  • £19.99

If this product is sold out, it might still be possible to order it in - assuming it is still in print and in stock at ADB. We place regular direct orders with ADB, so please get in touch via email if you would like to order it.

An expansion for Federation & Empire covering advanced raids, Marine major generals, Tholian pinwheels, Depot Level Repair, Planetary repair dock, conversion during repair, rapid repair during combat, colonial development, advanced deficit spending, transferring provinces, trade with the WYN cluster, minor shipyards, medium shipyards, production overrides, allowable substitutions, police carriers, police flagships, optional Orion pirates, Orion as a neutral state, advanced prime team missions, megafighters, forward defense units, early warning networks, resistance movement, tug rescue missions, sabotage, and cloaked decoys. Includes one sheet of counters (280 total).

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