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Federation & Empire: Combined Operations

Federation & Empire: Combined Operations

Amarillo Design Bureau

  • £24.99

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Expanded and revised rules for F&E including Advanced Combat Table, Shock, Stasis Field Generators, Electronic Warfare, Commercial Convoys, Base Stations, Auxiliary carriers, Klingon 77th and Kzinti 23rd divisions, Hydran fighter and fire support pallets, LTTs, pods, Monitors, special attack forces, ground combat, prime teams, police ships.

Includes scenarios Koval's Lightning, Thunder over Kzintai, Hydran Expedition, Wayward Wind, Reptilicon Revenged, Cold Front, Tholian Gambit, Late Kingdom.

Includes complete SIT for the ships in this product and an Index that also happens to cover Advanced Operations.

Includes 4 copies of countersheet M, one copy each of countersheets H, L, and K, and the new countersheet T+U.

This product replaces and updates Marine Assault and Special Operations.

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