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Federation Commander: Hydran Attack

Federation Commander: Hydran Attack

Amarillo Design Bureau

  • £31.99

If this product is sold out, it might still be possible to order it in - assuming it is still in print and in stock at ADB. We place regular direct orders with ADB, so please get in touch via email if you would like to order it.

More ships for the:
Hydrans: Ranger, Lancer, Hunter, Buffalo Hunter, Rhino Hunter, Pegasus Crusier, Tartar, Iroquois
Lyrans: Light Cruiser, Battlecruiser,
and others: Klingon F5W, Kzinti FFK
Includes eight scenarios, one of them is the Energy Monster
Also included rules for new terrain (nebula, black hole, pulsar).
Includes 40 large counters for FCHA, 40 more large counters for the ships in Booster Packs 91-95, and 140 half-inch counters for both!

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