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Federation Commander: Distant Kingdoms

Federation Commander: Distant Kingdoms

Amarillo Design Bureau

  • £30.83

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New enemies, and new allies! The Hydrans attack the Klingons with a triple threat: short-ranged gatlings and fusions, long-ranged hellbores, and fast-turning Stinger Fighters. The Lyrans, using disruptors and phasers and their unique expanding sphere generator, join the Klingons. The LDR, a neutral faction of the Lyrans, remain aloof from the war, acquiring Hydran gatling technology. The WYN fanatically defend their rich (and radioative) homeland. Sixteen standard ship cards and two double-size battleship cards, two map panels (gas giants), 40 one-inch and 108 half-inch counters, and five scenarios. Oh, and the Moray Eel of Space!

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