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Federation Commander: Briefing #2 - The Middle Years

Federation Commander: Briefing #2 - The Middle Years

Amarillo Design Bureau

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The Original Series Years! It was a simpler time, when wars lasted about an hour, ships did not have the ??refits?? that covered their flaws and complicated their tactics, and a captain with some guts could get things taken care of before the admirals got involved (and in the way). Not that a visiting commodore couldn???t stop by and accidentally start a war now and then!

This 96-page book contains 72 starship diagrams (in both Fleet Scale and Squadron Scale) for the starships of this era. (To save costs, these are non-laminated and black-and-white.) Many of these are Middle Years versions of ships already in FC, but some are new to FC and one is new to the SFU.

Also included are ten scenarios reflecting the unique patrol-style battles, border clashes, skirmishes, and free-wheeling phaser fights that raged across the Neutral Zone (and your television screen).

So join us for a simpler time, and a cleaner fight, with ships that exploit each others??? flaws with finesse, not brute force, with maneuver instead of overwhelming head-on attacks.

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