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Alien Dungeon

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Alien Dungeon
Fantasy Miniature Wargame Rules

Fanticide is the Miniatures Wargame of Homicidal Warbands.

One hundred and twenty-eight (128) page hardbound rulebook giving you the background for Nowhere, the flat tabletop land of bizarre creatures, terrible magics, and unending combat. Printed with archival ink on high quality paper, the book itself carries the feel of the core concept of Fanticide- Fairy tales gone homicidal!

Whimsically grim and suggested for mature readers, the Fanticide Rulebook contains the background of Nowhere, the core and advanced rules, magic and relic rules, warband lists for Fae, Flying Monkeys, Creeps, and the Liberi Centaurs, Scenario generator, hostile terrain rules, and a complete warband creation system for making up your own warbands. The book comes with 64 turn sequence and Event cards covering every unit and Event in the book and providing some blank cards for you to customize your deck as you see fit.

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