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Fear Itself: Book of Unremitting Horror GUMSHOE Edition + complimentary PDF

Fear Itself: Book of Unremitting Horror GUMSHOE Edition + complimentary PDF

Pelgrane Press

  • £22.99

Players in horror campaigns are a little too accustomed to the nightmares their characters face; even the most eldritch of tentacular horrors is less intimidating when you know exactly what it is, because your PC has faced it before.
New times demand new nightmares. This, therefore, is a book of horrors, not a manual of monsters. The horrors are nightmarishly intimate, often created from human vice, or let loose by human greed. They show us the ugliness that underlies reality. They are the crawling things under the rock of the everyday, sane world. Consequently, we've detailed our creatures in depth.
Each one has its own agenda, its own reason for existence and its own legend. We've made these creatures unusual, frightening and bizarre, yet sufficiently comprehensible that they players realize they are up against something intelligent, if inhuman.

The Book of Unremitting Horror includes thirty creature each with:
* Diary entries, articles and transcripts
* A detailed description with behaviour
* The forensic clues left behind by the creature
* Details of their history and origins
* Their special abilities
* Their GUMSHOE system stats
The Book covers using creatures with The Esoterrorists background, and another includes detailed adventure hooks for use with that setting. There are also artifacts and new GUMSHOE abilities. Finally, the book includes two full length adventures.
Using BOUH with The Esoterrorists and with Fear Itself
In Esterrorists, you are a highly competent investigator, tracking down creatures of Unremitting Horror. You may risk injury, madness and death, but it's your choice. In Fear Itself, your just a normal person, and the creatures are after you. Let's take an example creature, the Sisterite. She hunts down vulnerable men online, arranges a date, then kills them. In Fear Itself, the adventure would start with your techie friend going missing. In Esoterrorists, you would be part of the OV investigating the work of a peculiar serial killer.

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