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Epic Card Game

Epic Card Game

Wise Wizard Games

  • £13.33

For 2-4 Players, Ages 12+, Playing Time Approx 20 Minutes.

The first war of the gods tore the world apart. Each god continually remaking reality was more than the universe could withstand... The great nothingness returned, leaving the gods to bicker in the void.

Eventually, a compromise was reached. The gods joined forces to create the universe anew, but this time there were rules that even they must obey. No longer could gods battle directly, tugging against one another on the fabric of reality. Now their wars are fought in the mortal world with mighty champions and devastating events.

Epic is a fast paced card game of fantasy combat designed by Hall of Fame Magic players Rob Dougherty and Darwin Kastle. It packs all the amazing game play and beautiful art of a trading card game in one little box at an unbelievably low price.

In Epic, each player starts the game with a score of 30 health. Your goal is to eliminate your opponents by reducing their health to 0. Set up is fast. To play a basic game, just shuffle and deal each player a 30 card deck and you are ready to go!

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