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Earthdawn 4th Edition: Gamemaster's Screen and Booklet (FASA)

Earthdawn 4th Edition: Gamemaster's Screen and Booklet (FASA)


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Smooth out the sometimes treacherous path of gamemastering! Included in this packet is a four-panel cardstock screen that displays commonly used charts and tables for easy reference, and also provides a place to conceal adventure notes and dice rolls. For tables not included on the screen, a full index of charts and tables in both the Player's Guide and Gamemaster's Guide is provided, making it easy to find what you're looking for.

Also included in the 32-page booklet are sixty pre-generated adepts! Based on the sample characters from the Earthdawn Player's Guide, you get four examples of each core Discipline, advanced to Circles 2, 4, 6, and 8. Talent selections, derived characteristics, and sample magic items are provided for each, making these characters a great way to provide short-notice allies or enemies for your game!

In addition to the sample characters, the PDF version of this product provides a high-resolution image from the front of the screen, with the GM-side divided into four pages that you can print and use as you wish, constructing your own screen.

Earthdawn Game Master's Screen
Fourth Edition Core Rulebook
Format: 6'x9'
32 B&W pages + cover

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