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Dungeon Petz

Dungeon Petz

Czech Games Edition

  • £38.99

Boardgame for 2-4 players ages 13+

Become the leader of imp family that has just started a new business - breeding and selling petz. Sound simple and safe? Well, we forgot to mention that those petz are for Dungeon Lords. That means magical, playful, sometimes angry monsters that constantly desire attention and in the very moment you want them to show their qualities to buyers they are sick or they poo. Sometimes you are even glad that you got rid of them. But the profit is unbelievable.

This adorable, playful, magical little unicorn is ready for frolicking on the lawn or romping around the rainbows. His pink spots are sure to match the decor of any little girl's bedroom. (Please remove any 'unicorn' posters before placing Uni in bedroom; he hates those.)

Not all dragons are fire-breathing murderers. This loyal little fellow will charm your socks off! He's carpet-friendly and ready to please. (Trial-size bag of princess-shaped dragon biscuits free with purchase. Carpet-cleaning solution sold seperately.)

What's cuter than a kitten? A kitten basking in the sun! And what else likes basking in the sun? A Snake! Snakitty: Because cuteness and basking go so well together.

Baby Golem
Nothing warms the heart like the clomp-clomp of little feet around the house. You might have to change baby's oil, but you'll never need to change his diaper! (Caution: Keep wrenches out of golem's reach to avoid accidental self-disassembly.)

Finally, a goldfish with attitude! This sharp and sassy pet makes a wonderful conversation piece for your den or rec room. (Warning: When pursuing prey, Bubl can achieve land speeds over 35 mph. Do not tap on the glass.)

She's sensitive. She's cheerful. She's not an arachnid. In fact, if you shout 'Eeeek! A Spider!', frightened Fluffy will probably jump into your arms squeaking, 'Where?!'

This chipper, cheeky songbird will delight you with its melodies as it flits from flower to flower. (Disclaimer: Birdie does not sing.)

Although trolls are not vegetarian by nature, this little guy loves his vegetables. And he's not aggressive at all! Just really, really playful.

How do you keep a ghost in a cage? Proper training. Buy Ghosty now and get a free copy of The Ghost Whisperer's Guide. (Note: Buyer assumes all responsibility for keeping Ghosty in our dimension.)

Wormie will love taking you for rides all over our rolling green hills. And don't worry about him needing special care. This desert native is now perfectly acclimated. But he does like his food spicy.

Finally: A pet that doubles as a garbage disposal! You're sure to be happy with Snappy. (Warning: Do not stick fingers in cage.)

This ancient nightmare of unspeakable cuteness will win your heart before you can say,
'Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!'

This lovable lug can mow and fertilize your lawn at the same time! (Warning: Do not show Stegobully anything red. Or blue. Or yellow. In fact, to be safe, don't show him any color. Stegobully doesn't like being reminded that he is colorblind.)

It is not a very demanding plant. Just water it once a week and take it to a play every other day. And then, watch the magic happen.

You have to fpend moft of your life wif fomefing tafty ftuck in your mouf to fully underftand why Lifffard lookf fo happy all the time.

Dunguin has to eat anything it can get, as catching fish close to the south magic pole is very tricky. Half of the fish are invisible, another half defend themselves with fireballs, and the third half are in fact, tentacles of multidimensional monsters. Even math does not work well there!

Fiery Fairy
This little beauty will brighten up anyone's day. (Caution: Keep Fiery Fairy away from clothing, paper, furniture, and flammable liquids. Actually, to be on the safe side, keep Fiery Fairy away from everything.)

You will love having this little guy hopping around your house. And he really comes in handy if you need anything punctured!

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