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Dungeon Crawl Classics: Lankhmar #14: Thieves Of Cold Corner

Dungeon Crawl Classics: Lankhmar #14: Thieves Of Cold Corner

Goodman Games

  • £9.99

A level 3 DCC adventure set in Lankhmar!

A cache of invisible ice diamonds and an overlord’s ransom in gold rilks—amid the drunken revelry of midwinter solstice, Cold Corner was never riper for a heist.

But to pull it off risks the ire the Snow Women and their skalds—cruel axe-men eager for the chance to prove their devotion to their cold mistresses. And with the power to shape cold – and the blinding blizzards, shattered bones, and frozen bodies that must surely follow—the sorceress matriarchs of the Snow Clan are not to be trifled.

Some would say you’d be a fool to cross the Snow Women north of the Trollstep Mountains. They’d be right, but that’s never stopped you before…

  • In the grand tradition of Gray Mouser and Fafhrd, a dangerous heist set in a distant land
  • Test your arcane mastery in spell battles with the sorcerous Snow Women
  • Encounter deadly and strange new foes like the invisible polar worms and the Snow Clan skalds

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