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Dungeon Crawl Classics Annual RPG

Goodman Games

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From the Kickstarter page: 

Spoken about for half a decade in hoary whispers, at long last Goodman Games brings you: the DCC RPG Annual. Much of the material for the DCC Annual was written between 2012 and 2014, when the original need was perceived. In many ways, it springs forth from the original inspirations of DCC RPG, which were psychically close at that time. There are magic swords. There are patrons. There are even more tables for making monsters unique. There are rules for making cleric deities more distinctive. There are rules for patron weapons and magic rings. There is the lost continent of Mu, and the hidden places between worlds. And there are rules for magical moustaches.
The DCC Annual is a hardcover estimated at 160 pages finished length. Like the original DCC RPG core rulebook, it is available in two cover options: a full-color and foil cover edition. It is organized in the same manner as the DCC RPG core rulebook: chapter three is equipment, chapter five is magic, and chapter nine is monsters, just as in the core rulebook. There is no chapter two, because the skills section of the core rulebook has no expansion material in the Annual.
The DCC Annual comes in two cover versions. The color cover is painted by Doug Kovacs and features Hugh the Barbarian and his Band. There's a story in this cover, a chapter of the Band history, for those who can find it. There is also a foil edition featuring a new foil design (and someone’s decapitated head). For this Kickstarter, the foil edition will be printed in gold foil. The distribution version will be printed in silver foil. And never fear, art fans – the foil edition also features Doug's amazing cover art from the color cover edition (reproduced on the interior pages of the foil edition).

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