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Greg Stolze

Dinosaurs. Rockets. The 1950s. What do they have in common? They're saturated with coolness. But can they somehow work together?

Only two answers are possible: Yes, and HELL YES. SPAAACE! runs on the Token Effort engine, a tried and tested rules-set that privileges pratfalls over point-stacking and mania over min-maxing. It quantifies humor and rewards you whether people are laughing with you, or at you. No really, Token Effort tramples drunkenly over all difficulties with honey-badger insouciance: You can download the whole thing free at and see for yourself.

What Dinosaurs... in SPAAACE! does is take the original game's lean, surly and minimalist approach to plot resolution and expand it with 50,000 words worth of time-warped, rocket fueled setting madness. Gray aliens? They're in there. Time travel? Alternate universes? Both are handled with keen intelligence and sophisticated advice, along with a load of evil twin jokes. A secret US space agency tasked with battling fugitive Nazis from the dark side of the moon and their mysterious dimension-spanning allies? I can neither confirm or deny that, but if such an agency did exist, even its 52-year-old secretary would be trained in seven different ways to kill a man with her bare hands (and one with a pair of pantyhose). All this plus Greys, Scientology jokes, a brief primer on post-WWII rocketry, and the sinister truth behind those Easter Island statues.

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