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Deadly Trappings

Deadly Trappings

Kenzer & Co.

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Softcover Generic RPG Accessory

Tired of the players just waltzing through your dungeons? Bored with the same old traps? Need new challenges to spice up your campaign? What's a Game Master to do? Bring back that sense of excitement and wonder... and more than a little bit of fear... with Deadly Trappings! DEADLY TRAPPINGS includes over 75 twisted traps easily adaptable to a variety of campaign settings and levels of difficulty, all thoroughly researched and finely detailed, complete with purpose of design, mechanisms used, lethality, suggested damage and/or damage substitution rules, intended outcome, ideas for variant traps, and a wealth of additional information. Furthermore, explanatory illustrations throughout provide an awesome visual representation to both players and Game Masters. Whether you're a new Game Master facing seasoned players who think they've seen it all, or an experienced GM looking to perk up the game, Deadly Trappings is an essential resource for your arsenal!

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