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D-Day at Peleliu: 15 September 1944 - Leisure Games

D-Day at Peleliu: 15 September 1944

Decision Games

  • £87.00

Solitaire war game.

D-Day at Peleliu focuses on the landings by the US 1st Marine Division in September 1944, and the bitter two-day struggle to capture the airfield on the southern end of the island. A longer campaign scenario allows the player to extend the action to the rugged terrain of 'Bloody Nose Ridge.' Opposed by the reinforced Japanese 14th Infantry Division, the battle resulted in the highest US casualty rate of any in the Pacific war. Like D-Day at Omaha Beach, D-Day at Peleliu features landing hazards, variable enemy positions, fields of fire encoded onto the map, US weapon types versus Japanese defensive preparations, and a random-event-driven narrative. Plus new features unique to the Pacific Theater, such as: US naval and aerial bombardment, flamethrowers, offshore reefs and defensive positions, Japanese tank attacks, tunnel network movement and Banzai charges. One map, one counter-sheet and 55 cards.

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