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Council of Shadows

Council of Shadows


  • £45.00

For 1-4 players, ages 14+, playing time is around 60-90 minutes.

In the year 2200, on the edge of the known universe, you govern one of four powerful civilizations racing for a seat on the mighty Council of Shadows. To succeed, you will need to grow your empire, fend off your opponents, and provide bountiful energy harvests to the Council. Choose your civilization, make daring moves, and seize control of planets and raw materials to become part of the Council of Shadows!

Players choose to represent one of four high-tech civilizations at the edge of the universe: the tricky Tretons, the harmonious Avry, the subtle Tak’rill and the android Automatos.

Players are watched by the “Council of Shadows,” an all-knowing assembly of hyper-advanced aliens. The Council of Shadows has given players a special gift: the so-called “Dark Tech.” It allows ships to travel to distant galaxies at several times the speed of light. However, in exchange for this special technology, the Council expects to receive a portion of the massive amounts of Energy that players harvest from their travels to distant solar systems.

Whoever collects the most Energy for the Council will win a seat on the Council of Shadows. And so begins a heated battle between civilizations over the Energy of the universe...

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