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Corsairs RPG

Corsairs RPG

Caradoc Games

  • £8.99

This printed copy of Corsairs is 36 pages, of A5 zine goodness. The cover is 250 gsm silk card with a matte laminate finish, while the interior pages are 115 gsm silk paper. It will be shipped in a padded mailer. The printed zine also comes with all the PDF downloads for the Corsairs book, including the core rules book, character sheet, ship sheet, and reference sheets.


You are a Corsair: nothing more than a pirate to the navies of the Empires that battle over the floating islands. But to independent islands like Teboa, you are a bulwark against the machinations of power hungry sovereigns.


Corsairs is a game of sky ships, powerful empires and fiercely independent floating islands. Corsairs includes rules for character creation and play, as well as rules for sky ships and sailing the skies of the Molten Sea. The rules set is designed for high action and adventure.


Corsairs is a 32 page table top role playing game, including all the rules of play, a character sheet, a ship sheet, and reference sheets.

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