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Comic Relief - Beginners' Book - reduced

Comic Relief - Beginners' Book - reduced

Burley Games

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Role-Play Relief

Beginner's Book

(All profits donated to Comic Relief 2019 - in the UK*).

So you've heard all about Table-Top Role-Playing Games and want to know what they're all about?


GREAT! Have YOU come to the right place!


This book - full of contributions from people in the UK who DO know a thing or two about the hobby - contains:

- a complete introduction to Table-Top Role-Playing Games

- 3 complete introductory games - including characters and adventures - especially designed for newcomers to the hobby, to get you started.

- copious advice on all the other games and genres available to you when you're ready to take the next step.


If you're already an expert, check out the Role-Play Relief Expert Book (and buy this book for a friend.)


ALL PROFITS go to Comic Relief *

* If you are buying this book after Comic Relief 2019 you might be wondering how we can donate the profits still. The answer is that when we purchased the books the profit went to Comic Relief, and we are marking the books up by only around 80p per book, which is to partly cover the cost of delivery to us from the printer.

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