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Combat Leader Sourcebook: Component Set A

Combat Leader Sourcebook: Component Set A

Minden Games

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COMBAT LEADER SOURCEBOOK: COMPONENT SET A contains maps, counters, markers, Reference Cards, and scenarios for the COMBAT LEADER game system. (This book does not contain rules; you must own COMBAT LEADER: CORE RULES to use this book.) Specifically, components from the first three (original) Combat Leader games/modules is contained within the pages of the book; you simply scan the components and print them off. Contents: 5 game maps (Map 1, Map 2, Map 3, Map 4, and Map 5; two copies of each map is included); 4 counter sheets (counter sheets A, B, C, and D; two copies of each sheet is included); game marker sheet (two copies of the marker sheet is included); Reference Card; six scenario cards; eight scenarios in all (six from Combat Leader: East Front, and two from Combat Leader: Volkssturm). This book is an excellent choice for anyone wanting inexpensive game components. Designed by Gary Graber; published by Minden Games.

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