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Combat Leader: Poland 1939 - Leisure Games

Combat Leader: Poland 1939

Minden Games

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Combat Leader: Poland 1939 is the newest release in the Combat Leader game series, covering the Polish campaign on September, 1939, with German and Polish troops.
The game comes with two maps (#9 and #10, rural and suburban terrain), two counter sheets (J & K, which must be cut apart), two identical Reference Cards, and a 24-page rules booklet.  The rules contain all the standard, advanced, and optional rules for the system, along with five scenarios.  This game sees the entry of the Poles into the system, and special rules cover the use of the 18-man Polish squad, with their characteristic weaponry (Kb wz.98a rifles, Browning wz. 1928 BAR LMG, etc.) and organization. The German SS also are introduced into the system (a full SS squad is included), with special rules governing their use on the battlefield. Overall, three German squads, two Polish squads--plus plenty of extra men to create different formations--are included.
The core rules have been expanded to include several options originally appearing in the Combat Leader: Expansion Module.  These rules are now  considered standard, and there is no need to buy that module.
Combat Leader: Poland is a complete, stand alone game. The core rules of the game system remain the same, plus additional optional rules have been included. So, Combat Leader: Poland 1939 provides you with not only a new nationality and the SS, but the most up-to-date edition of the series.  It is compatible with all other Combat Leader games.

If you are a fan of the Combat Leader game system, we are confident you will really enjoy what this new game has to offer!

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