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Cartaventura: Vinland

Cartaventura: Vinland


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For 1-6 players, ages 10+, playing time around 45 minutes.

Cartaventura is a collection of narrative card games with immersive scenarios and multiple endings! Players build their adventure using the cards, which offer different choices. They consult together about the best choice to make, in order to follow the trail of the hero/ine of the game.

Cartaventura : Vinland
Set off for the land of the Vikings in the footsteps of explorer Erik The Red. Will you succeed in proving your father's innocence? Will you take to the seas towards the western lands or command your colony in Greenland? Will you stay faithful to the Norse gods?

In Cartaventura players read and follow the instructions of cards carefully (draw a card, turn over a card, discard…). There are different types of cards : Map cards will be placed in the middle of the table. Around Map cards, players will place some Action card around them. Together, the players choose an Action from those available and follow the instructions carefully (draw a card, turn over a card, discard…). Urgent cards, which should be read entirely before doing anything else can change the game in an instant. Object cards should be placed in front of players and can be useful during all the games.

Cartaventura also offers a tutorial to accompany the first game. Its simple and original playing system allows you to explore the scenario several times before discovering all of the game's secrets. Thanks to what they've learnt, and by making different decisions, players can hone their adventure skills before discovering every possible ending.

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