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Bulldogs!: Heart of the Fury - Leisure Games

Bulldogs!: Heart of the Fury

Galileo Games

  • £15.50

Heart of the Fury is an extended campaign for Bulldogs! This book contains a series of adventures designed to challenge your crew and to shake the whole galaxy. Big changes are coming, and your players are right at the heart of them. A strange new group has emerged, the Fury, and they are busy trying to capture the Frontier Zone. What’s driving them, and why do their enemies keep surrendering and switching sides? Ancient mysteries, wide-ranging war in the Frontier Zone, and deadly threats from the great Empires. Sounds like a mission for Class D!

Written by Gareth Hanrahan, this 256-page adventure campaign includes a dozen different adventures, and new rules for your Bulldogs! campaign. A new Psychic skill and stunts to add mental powers to your game, three new playable alien species, and an excellent example of how how to craft a full arc campaign to your own Bulldogs! game.

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