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Blood Feud RPG

Blood Feud RPG

Blackfisk Publishing

  • £19.99

Blood Feud is a role-playing game about honor, power and toxic masculinity. You portray men struggling to uphold their honor. In the end, you will see what that struggle has cost both them and their community.

This is a game about people being nasty to each other and about figuring out why. It’s also a game about vikings of pre-christian Scandinavia; about honor and blood feuds, courage and brutality, corruption and consequences. Above all it is a game about what it means to be a man in such a world—and what consequences that has on the communities they live in.

The goal of the game is to explore and experience toxic masculinity, while at the same time creating a thoughtful drama about relationships, competition and social consequences. With this game we want to make toxic masculinity easier to spot for a wider variety of people in our roleplaying communities—and encourage critical discussions about how men behave, and why.

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