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Blackbirds RPG (Zweihander)

Blackbirds RPG (Zweihander)

Andrews McMeel Publishing

  • £54.99

By Ryan Verniere, Jared Rosen, John Chambers, Joseph Limbaugh, Edward Hall, Daniel Fox, Eddy Webb, Zoe Quinn, Bill Bridges

Blackbirds is a dark fantasy tabletop role-playing game, Powered by ZWEIHÄNDER RPG.

The gods failed us. The powerful betrayed us. Rise to meet your fate.

Twelve years of war have ravaged the kingdoms of Erebos, where the great battle that would decide the fate of all has been waged. . .and lost. Now, the lights of civilization are going out. Swells of refugees have taken to the roads, desperate to find homes far from all the suffering. New constellations twinkle in the vault of the night, only to disappear if scrutinized for too long. Creatures of long-forgotten folklore once again stalk the countryside. It is a time of ill omens and unlikely heroes.

BLACKBIRDS RPG is set in a dark fantasy world where a cabal of power-hungry Oligarchs has stolen godhood. Their horrific act rent the fabric of reality, allowing corrupt magic to undermine the world's natural order. And, soon, the Oligarchs themselves will return to the mortal plane and remake it as they desire.

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