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Big Eyes Small Brains

Big Eyes Small Brains

Attention Span Games

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Hi there! My name is Haruka, and I am the god of a fantastical anime world. It wasn’t always this way, I mean, I used to be a normal person, like you, holding this book, but one thing led to another and here I am!

Anyway! Welcome to the land of Abika, where all your anime dreams can come true! In this world, you might find yourself in a fight with a magical warrior one minute, and be dancing with catgirls the next. You can explore vast cities with androids, delve into the depths of ancient dungeons with goblin slayers, and still be home in time to be served dinner by your very own combat butler!

In short, if you like anime, and you’ve seen something that makes you say “hey, that’s cool!”, you can make it happen here!

Big Eyes, Small Brains is the creation of veteran anime reporters L.B. Bryant and Samantha Ferreira, who dug deep into their wells of anime knowledge to create this fun-filled universe that’s packed with mystery, excitement, and even possible shenanigans. It’s the third entry in Attention Span Games’ Pocket RPG series, and follows in the footsteps of other fun adventures like DnDizzle and Laser Metal.
Big Eyes, Small Brains is the third book in our 4"x6" Pocket RPG line. We take the Parody Hammer to the anime world with this bitingly satirical take on the genre's countless tropes and icons. Its over-the-top take on everything, from mecha to those slice-of-life shows that seem to be everywhere nowadays, is sure to bring smiles to players new and old.

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