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Best of Friends ASL Scenario Bundle - Leisure Games

Best of Friends ASL Scenario Bundle

Multi-Man Publishing

  • £17.00

This is a game expansion, NOT a complete game.

The Best Of Friends is a scenario pack for Advanced Squad Leader which has 12 scenarios from the Swedish Friendly Fire ASL Tournament. Best Of Friends is a further installment in the series that began with Out Of The Bunker.

Best of Friends features 12 battle-tested scenarios, several of which have received balance adjustments from their designers.

Scenario list:
BoF1 The Marco Polo Bridge Incident (Japanese vs Chinese, China, 1937)
BoF2 A Polish Requiem (German vs Pole, Poland, 1939)
BoF3 The Abbeville Bridgehead (French vs German, France, 1940)
BoF4 About His Shadowy Sides (Russian vs German , Lithuania, 1941)
BoF5 Adolf's Amateurs (German vs Russian, Finland, 1941)
BoF6 Cavalry Brigade Model (German vs Russian, Russia, 1942)
BoF7 The Fields Of Black Gold (German vs Russian, Russia, 1942)
BoF8 Sting Of The Italian Hornet (Canadian vs Italian, Sicily, 1943)
BoF9 Pursuing Frank (Russian vs German Poland, 1944)
BoF10 To Have And To Hold (American vs German, France, 1944)
BoF11 Second Thoughts (German vs American France, 1945)
BoF12 Forging Spetsnaz (Russian vs Japanese, Korea, 1945)

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