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Battles For the Shenandoah: A Death Valley Expansion

Battles For the Shenandoah: A Death Valley Expansion


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The Game: Battles for the Shenandoah: A Death Valley Expansion contains four battle games with multiple scenarios.
  • McDowell, May 8, 1862
  • 2nd Winchester, June 13, 14, and 15, 1863
  • Piedmont, June 5, 1864
  • Cool Spring, July 18, 1864

Experienced players will be able to play many of the scenarios in one sitting. The game reflects the development of the cavalry and the changes in infantry and artillery organization and tactics from 1862 through 1864.

TIME SCALE: Each Turn = 1 Hour
MAP SCALE: 145 Yards Per Hex with 25-Foot or 50-Foot Elevations
UNIT SCALE: 50 Men or 1 Cannon per Strength Point

560 counters
Two 17” x 22” double-sided maps
Two 11” x 17” double-sided maps
One 8 1/2” x 11” map
One Battle booklet
Eight Activation and Turn Record charts
One Terrain Effects Chart
One Range Effects Chart

The remaining components necessary for play can be found in GMT’s Death Valley: Battles for the Shenandoah. These include the Player Aid Cards, the 2nd Disorder Chart, the game markers, four maps, and a ten-sided die. The GBACW Series Rules can be found on the GMT website.

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