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Flying Tigers: Solitaire World War II Air Combat Game

Flying Tigers: Solitaire World War II Air Combat Game

Minden Games

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Flying Tigers is game #4 in the Battle over Britain series. It is a solitaire module, replacing the now out-of-print Solitaire Module, containing all the warplanes in that title but adding new ones, and some additional rules. Scenarios cover the Chinese AVG fighting the Japanese (in the P-40B made famous in the campaign), plus campaign games of the Polish and Dutch campaigns of 1939-40. With the core BoB rules, this module gives you everything you need to play these three historical campaigns. Includes a 12-page illustrated rule booklet, one counter sheet (counters must be cut apart prior to play), one game series Reference Card. Ziplocked.
Individually rated warplanes included in Flying Tigers: AVG P-40B Tomahawk; British Brewster Buffalo, Spirfire I, Blenheim; Polish P-11C, Dutch Fokker D.XXI; Japanese Nate, Oscar, Sally; German Me-109E, Me-110C, Ju-87D, Hs-123, He-111; Italian MC-200.

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