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BAOR: MBT Expansion - Leisure Games

BAOR: MBT Expansion


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The British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) was formed at the conclusion of World War II from various units of the British 21st Army Group. Positioned on the North German Plain, it is the command element of NATO’s Northern Army Group (NORTHAG). BAOR has command authority over the British 1st Corps, as well as the West German 1st Corps, US III Corps, and the French, Belgium and Dutch contingents to NATO.

This MBT expansion focuses on BAOR’s armored and mechanized forces. Battle it out in 10 new scenarios. Combine the 4 new double-sided geomorphic maps with the MBT base game maps and even the MBT FRGExpansion for more exciting battles.

Includes detailed TO&Es for the British Forces.

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