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Avatar Legends: Adventure Booklet Bundle - reduced

Avatar Legends: Adventure Booklet Bundle - reduced

Magpie Games

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Note: the PDF for this item is currently unavailable but we expect it to be released on or shortly after the release date.

The Adventure Booklets are saddle-stitched 30+ page 8.5°11" softback booklets full of helpful tools for running an adventure in one of the five eras. 

Adventure Booklet 1: Earth & Root

You've been given the task of hunting down a notorious daofei by the renowned Firebender Rangi while she attends to her duties as companion to the Avatar. You must prove yourself by stopping this villain before Rangi returns from her latest travels 

Adventure Book 2: Fire & Brimstone

On a visit to the Fire Nation Capital, waterbending master Taqukaq discovered a hidden cache of stolen Earth Kingdom crates filled with meteorite metal, While Taqukaq keeps up appearances during his visit, you must unearth the truth behind this suspicious theft.

Adventure Book 3: Ash & Steel

You've been asked to provide security for a Fire Nation defector who is offering war plans stolen from Fire Lord Ozai's palace in exchange for asylum in Ba Sing Se. As the machinations of Grand Secretariat Long Feng unfold, you must decide who to trust in this web of lies.

Adventure Book 4: Air & Wind

An archaeological expedition has discovered a cache of lost Air Nomad scrolls, but the corporation that funded the dig intends to seize the artifacts and exploit them. You must help the dig team reach the safety of Toph's Metalbending Academy before it's too late!

Adventure Book 5: Water & Mist

President Zhu Li Moon's husband Varrick has gone missing after attending a Pro-bending match. While Zhu Li grapples with politics that keep the Republic City police tied up, you are put on the case! 

The Expanded Play Booklet is a saddle-stitched 8.5°11" softback booklet containing the playbooks and NPC Legends unlocked during the campaign. 

Contains material also available in Wan Shi Tong's Adventure Guide

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