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Hyperborea: The Sea-Wolf's Daughter

Hyperborea: The Sea-Wolf's Daughter

Northwind Adventures

  • £21.50

The Sea-Wolf's Daughter is an adventure in HYPERBOREA designed for from four to six characters of 7th through 9th level.

Your party finds itself in the employ of Ragnarr the Sea-Wolf, a jarl of New Vinland and a reaver of old. His daughter, a shield-maiden named Gunnhildr, has been abducted by a brute called Björn Blackbeard. During a desperate search, the Sea-Wolf crossed sails with a former rival, and from the blood-flecked lips of a dying foe, he learnt the location of Blackbeard’s stronghold. Now, deep in the misty fjords of Brigand’s Bay, where cutthroats, pirates, and freebooters thrive, you have been charged with liberating the Sea-Wolf’s daughter.

Text: Jeffrey P. Talanian

Editing: Ben Ball

Additional Development: David Prata

Front Cover Art: Del Teigeler

Back Cover Art: Mick Fernette (inks), Daisey Bingham (colours)

Interior Art: Johnathan Bingham, Mick Fernette, David Hoskins, Diogo Nogueira, Glynn Seal, Val Semeiks, Del Teigeler, Mike Tenebrae

Cartography: Andreas Claren

Product Type: Adventure Module

Product Format: 60-pages, 8½ × 11-inch saddle-stitched book

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