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Field of Glory: Swords and Scimitars

Field of Glory: Swords and Scimitars

Osprey Games

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Fields of Glory Supplement by Osprey Publishing Field of Glory The Crusades Army List (Field of Glory 4) Relive the epic conflict between the Christian west and Islamic east in this new Field of Glory Companion, Swords and Scimitars, which provides accessible, detailed army listings for the Crusades, covering conflicts such as Saladin's devastating victory at Hattin, the siege of Jerusalem and Richard the Lionheart's Third Crusade. With coverage of both the Christian and Muslim forces, this companion volume allows gamers to recreate and rewrite history using the newest rules set on the market, Field of Glory.

Contents Armies listed: * Komnenan Byzantine * Post Latin Conquest Byzantine * Seljuq Turk * Cuman * Georgian * Fatimid Egyptian * Sicilian * Cilician Armenian * Syrian * Early Crusader * Later Crusader * Ayyubid Egyptian * Lusignan Cypriot * Romanian Frank * Catalan Company * Ilkhanid Mongol * Mamluk Egyptian * (Later Alan)

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